Tested to Despair

Stop high-stakes testing from destroying public education.

Lisa’s letter of apology to her students

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Lisa M shared this letter of apology to her students:

Dear Kids,
I am sorry.
I am sorry that, yet again, I am placing another test (or assessment if you like using big words) on your desk. I  am sorry that I am, again, forcing you to take another test.
Yes, I know this is the 3rd test in a week, but you don’t understand.
In order to meet your needs, I have to collect data. Lots and lots of data. So much data in fact that I will never be able to look at it, especially since I have 25 of you sitting in my room.
But I have to do it.
I know, you are tired of exit tickets, formative assessments, entrance tickets, common district assessments, the weekly tests, but it all helps me understand what you don’t know.
When I understand what you don’t know, I can help you learn it.
I apologize that I move quickly from one thing to another, and it’s hard for you to keep up, and that’s why some of you have a hard time passing the test. But you have to understand that I have to follow a pacing guide. It tells me what to teach and when to teach it. If I don’t follow it,  I will be in big trouble!
And most of all, I apologize for the standardized tests. The big STATE test.
I am sorry that during Read Across America week when we should participate in fun, educational, reading activities, you will be headfirst in the math standardized test.
I am sorry your recess has been cut to 15 minutes. You know it’s for your own sake. It gives you more time to learn so that you can pass the state test, and I can get a good evaluation from my principal, my principal can look good, the district looks good, the state looks good, and the federal government will shine its light upon us. Passing the state test shows everyone how smart you are!
I am truly sorry for what education has become.
Forgive me,

your teacher

You can follow read more from Lisa M at her blog, diary of a public school teacher


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