Tested to Despair

Stop high-stakes testing from destroying public education.

Head scratch

Do you have a standardized test question that just doesn’t make any sense, as in “what the heck are they getting at?”

Francis sent this one from the 2011 NY Regents (4th grade):

Would someone please tell me what is being asked! It has to be something more than “E.” Or is it?



4 thoughts on “Head scratch

  1. I bet it’s box A, which has less mass than box D.

  2. But if they sink and rise, Box E would be on the bottom!

  3. Maybe the writer used the wrong preposition — maybe it’s supposed to be “on” rather than “under”?? The sad part, of course, is that there are 9-year-olds who are starting to think they’re not intelligent because they have trouble when faced with these types of stupid questions.

  4. Alex, can I buy a comma?

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