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Stop high-stakes testing from destroying public education.

Mobius Strip

Do you have a standardized test question that is based on a diagram, table or passage that makes no sense?

Francis sent this from the 2011 NY Regents (4th grade):

Not only is this diagram not drawn to scale, it is not drawn to life. Dragonflies do not eat cattails – they are predators (and prey!) just like that fish. For that matter, the Heron might be prey as well as predator, although according to this s/he is at the top of the food chain. 

foodchain5 copy


4 thoughts on “Mobius Strip

  1. And why did they bother putting the Sun in the picture? So we know it’s daytime?

    I would like to see that Heron try to eat that fish!

  2. That must be one those mutant Mosquitos they have there!

    • Just realised it is supposed to be a dragon fly, but even so it is huge compared to the bird and fish. Science is not my subject (obviously, considering my earlier mistake). But even a dumb psych. Lecturer can see this is all wrong!

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