Tested to Despair

Stop high-stakes testing from destroying public education.

Share Your Story About Testing Mania

Tell us about the impact that standardized testing is having on your schools and children. Send your story and/or picture to testedtodespair@gmail.com or post it as a comment below.

Please specify how you’d like to be identified (for example: Sally, teacher from Ohio).

We hope to hear from you!

Mr. Mell and the other folks who are “tested to despair”


2 thoughts on “Share Your Story About Testing Mania

  1. My concern goes beyond the idiocy of making pencil and paper be the end all/be all of student and teacher value in public schools, and touches upon the catch 22 of society promoting a self-interest/immediate gratification drive outside the schools-then imposing a “sit still and silent for hours and carefully fill in these little bubbles” inside the school. It is not a behavior, skill, desire that should be promoted to begin with, and the garbage that attacks every sense and sensibility of students through the market and the media does not promote school success-let alone testing (as it currently exists)success. Working in the elementary grades especially requires “teaching to the test” in terms of sitting still, being silent, and carefully filling in bubbles. Do you know what kids are like these days??? As annoying as some of the disruptive, disrespectful, antsy, socially unaware behavior can be-do we really want to train them for a future of isolated, obedient cubicle jockeys collecting data for corporate/investment overlords? Thomas Jefferson will dig himself up to come and slap me if I just quietly march with the line of red coats.

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