Tested to Despair

Stop high-stakes testing from destroying public education.

Who is being Tested?

This is a new category of stupid test questions: the place for questions which are based on faulty knowledge. I’m sending Simon a bumpersticker!

Simon, who sends this 7th grade California CST question from 2006, says:This is a trick question in which the answer D is listed as the correct answer.  However, Pascal’s law states that pressure is exerted equally throughout a fluid.   The pressure would be the same everywhere, 15 pounds in this case, it is not cumulative – not added up. Since I don’t get to see the questions while the students are taking their test, I hope that nothing this stupid is asked this year. 

The atmosphere normally exerts a pressure of
about 15 pounds per square inch on surfaces
at sea level. About how much pressure does the
atmosphere exert on a surface 30 square inches
in area?
A 2 pounds
B 15 pounds
C 45 pounds
D 450 pounds

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